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At first glance you might think the Aero Carve range goes against the trend. With high aspect wings having greater pump and glide capacity, they are an ideal option for beginners or those looking to progress their surfing style; while these new Carve wings belong in the mid-low aspect ratio category with a longer span - making them perfect for experienced surfers looking for a truly responsive board without sacrificing any control. They have comfortable resistance that make surfing feel effortless, yet also provide more power on each ride. Take them out in both waves and flat water conditions, whether it be beginner level or advanced riding style; expect easy carving transitions combined with immediate handling with zero edge blowout regardless of how hard you push it- even after knocking yourself off balance at takeoff or landing. Underrated design is always worth exploring!


 Aero Carve Foil 1400: 1400 front wing / 250 back wing
Earliest take off and maximum lift combined with tight carving experience for all heavier riders

Fanatic Aero Carve 1400 Wingset

410,00 €Prijs
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