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€2.299,021% VAT

We developed a new board by merging the former Power and Speed. In choppy conditions you permanently need to trim and level out the board in order to get maximum speed. We added some outline curve at the tail making it easier to find the ideal water position of the board. Due to the new outline it feels looser under your feet, so it is easy to keep it ‘flying’.
It powers up straight away and flies over the fin. It is so balanced and well trimmed that it is easy to keep the pressure on the fin, and soar upwind. The wide tail creates plenty of power that is instantly converted into lift to enable upwind sailing. At the same time it’s easy to release all that power and transfer it into maximum speed. We achieved this with a new progressive bottom V-flow that also makes it accelerate to unknown speeds on the downwind course. It also takes pressure off your legs making it easy to handle all this lift, and consequently allows you to go faster and faster. A winner in all waters and conditions, this board is fast and controllable, meaning it clearly outperforms its predecessors and shall dominate the Formula scene.

Price: €1.900,0